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Description Varanidae is a MIL-STD 3011 and 6016 protocol analyzer.
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Description Connectivity Assessment Tool Set
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Tactical Engineering & Analysis Inc. (TEA) provides a broad and diverse range of engineering and test services in support of many programs and engineering disciplines. These services include test and engineering support for Tactical Data Link Interoperability, MIDS/JTIDS/CDLMS/JSS System Design, Test and Evaluation, CEC and TADIL Operations, Tactical System Training, and Combat Systems Integration and Design.

Tactical Data Link Interoperability

TEA continues to be actively involved with various initiatives and test events developed by the US Navy and Joint services to evaluate and improve the overall interoperability between disparate communication systems (Link-4, Link-16, Link-11, CEC). Tactical Engineering provides engineering and data link expertise to the test area where new systems and improvements are tested with existing legacy equipment. The support provided to our customers includes data analysis, design reviews, and technical evaluation for these systems. Additional efforts involve participation and evaluation of system performance during many US Navy and Joint Service exercises such as JDICE, JSCIET, Coral Talon, Roving Sands and others.

MIDS/JTIDS/CDLMS/JSS Systems Design and Test

TEA provides the US Navy with engineering expertise in these areas of MIDS and JTIDS radio design and interface development. CDLMS and JSS System design and requirement definition. TEA staff has over One hundred years of expertise in these areas with some members of the staff being involved in the initial design and fielding of the JTIDS and MIDS radio. The level of competence of TEA, Inc. in this area is critical to the success of the introduction of JTIDS and MIDS into the US Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp elements. Current efforts involve MIDS on Ship Terminal Development testing.

Cooperative Engagement Capability / TADIL Operations

TEA engineering staff were integral members of the CEC / TADIL development testing and Road to OPEVAL effort performed from 1999 through 2001. This effort provided the data and information needed to correct many of the initial Link related interoperability design and computer program problems brought about by the integration of CEC into the ACDS and Aegis System. The resultant efforts in which Tactical Engineering participated led to a successful CEC DT program and Operational Test effort aboard the USS John F. Kennedy battle Group.

Test and Evaluation

TEA provides the US Navy with engineering test, IV&V and analysis support. These efforts require system design review, test plan and procedure development, test execution both in a single and multi unit environment, and post test analysis and reporting. To date these efforts have focused on the following US Navy and Joint communication and weapon systems:

  • Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Ground Based Missile Defense
  • Command and Control Processor/CDLMS
  • JSS
  • Aegis Model 4/5 Combat and Direction System
  • Advance Combat Direction System (ACDS)
  • MK2 SSDS
  • Ship Gridlock System
  • Air Defense System Integrator
  • GCCS-M MTC and Version 4.x


TEA has provided training support in numerous events and provides on-the-job training (OJT) evolutions for the Link-16, CEC, and multi-TADIL operations. TEA participated in many of the initial JTIDS equipped battle group training events and the areas of capabilities and limitations documentation inputs, CEC/Link-16 operations OJT, and other training related efforts for link operations.

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